The DNA of TNA | 7/4/24

Welcome back to the number one ranking show about TNA Wrestling. Your boy G, or Greydon is here with another ranking from this weeks Impact episode.


5. The System is Broken

The Edwards (Eddie and Alisha) vs The Hardys (Matt and Rebecca) All I got to say is that all the talent in the world won’t make Rebecca and Alisha look any better. This match was hard to watch. Could have been better if the only two in the match were Matt and Eddie. Not saying that the women in this match can’t wrestle…they shouldn’t! The Hardys win.

4. Who’s Fire Burns Hotter?

Lars Fredrickson the punk rocker and manager of the women’s tag team: Spitfire. Issued a challenge to get the fire burning in the ladies a couple of weeks ago and this 10-minute contest was that challenge. It was a good back-and-forth match between Dani Luna and Jody Threat. Ultimately ending in a time-limit draw. But if these two ladies are part of the future of the Knockouts division, things will look bright.

3. The NXT One?

Leon Slater vs Trey Miguel a matchup that looked like it would have been a fun one between two high flying X-Division stars. It was a solid match and looked like it was over when Slater went to the top only to be stopped by NXT Star Charlie Dempsey. Attacking both men causing a no contest. He even took out a ref before leaving. This NXT-TNA working relationship is starting to get good.

2. The Future is Now!

That was the trademark of TNA Original Frankie Kazarian. Always reminding everyone that he was the future of wrestling and the company. Which he has lived up to. After coming off an appearance in NXT, Kaz has shown he still has it. But will he have what it takes to beat the returning Mike Santana and earn a spot in the six-man main event at Slammiversary? YES. Not going to bash Santana for this one. Does he deserve the spot he is on the card? Yes. Does he deserve a shot at the World Championship? Soon, just not yet. Great match! Great outcome! Santana will have his opportunity sometime just not at Slammiversary.

1. Say Something and He Appears

I hope this isn’t beating a dead horse, but Joe Hendry is a National Treasure…sorry a Global Treasure. His promo on Jake Something shows that Hendry is on another level. Mocking Something by saying that he keeps asking the crowd questions. Look it up it’s hilarious. This match is a great main event for impact. Jake Something is a good worker. He has the believability look-wise of a champion. But with the name, I don’t think he will get there. It is a shame. He has good work in the ring and is improving on the mic, but came up short in this one. Hendry joins Kaz, Moose, Alexander, Nemeth, and Maclin in a star-studded main event at Slammiversary. His promo at the end of this match makes you believe that he can win it on July 20.

Remember to get you where you want to get to, all you need to is BELIEVE! Hendry is a star. He is also the DNA of TNA! He has made a believer of me!


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