The DNA of TNA | 6/27/24

Welcome back to The DNA of TNA. It’s your boy G back with another ranking of the top 5 moments from this past Impact.

5. The Juggernaut isn’t Elegant

Jordynne Grace wanted a match with Ash by Elegance (I hate that name). Santino made it for tonight, however, the concierge comes out with a neck brace on and states that the contract was signed but the match will happen at Slammiversary. Security comes out to protect our heels and Grace lays them out until Santino comes out and stops Grace. Ash enjoys the Bahamas. Meaning you won’t be on TV next week. Thank God!

4. Homey isn’t Wanted

Rich “Homey” Swann vs Nick Nemeth. A qualifier for the six-man match at Slammiversary. It was back and forth with a lot of near falls but ultimately the Most Wanted Man wanted it more. Nemeth joins Moose and Alexander in the match!

3. Maclin Stares Down Death

In the other qualifier of the night, Steve Maclin faces off against the Death Machine Sami Callihan. Either man is deserving of this spot. As both are former champions. In one hell of a match, Maclin wins and joins Nemeth, Moose, and Alexander in the main event at Slammiversary.

2. Triple Threat Tag Turmoil

Something/Deaner vs Rascalz vs ABC showcases what makes TNA stand out over the other “Big 2.” They not only give time to their tag teams but also build makeshift ones too (history with the design with Deaner and Something). This is truly a division to watch no matter these six as teams or individually themselves. Ultimately the winner is ABC but they miss out on another 3 letters here and that is DNA.

1. Slammiversary 2024

The number one spot this week goes to the build-up of one of the best looking cards in recent TNA History. With Mustafa Ali vs. Mike Bailey for the X-Division Championship, Jordynne Grace vs. Ash by Elegance for the Knockouts World Championship, and the main event of the night Moose vs. Josh Alexander vs. Nick Nemeth vs. Steve Maclin vs. ??? vs ???. This is shaping up to be one epic anniversary show for them. This is definitely deserving to be the DNA of TNA.

Keep it here next week for another edition of The DNA of TNA!


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