The DNA of TNA | 6/20/24

Welcome to the DNA of TNA for 6/20/24 where G ranks the top 5 wrestlers who exhibit the heart and soul of TNA Wrestling.

5: AJ Francis

The guy is growing into his own in TNA. A cocky champion that backs down from a fight if it ain’t big money. However, him ruining the day of PCO and SDL was golden. Got more cocky heel heat when he put SDL through the table. He is the best midcard heel they have, that isn’t part of The System.

4: Ash by Elegance

Can’t take her seriously with her name, but looks to be the woman who will dethrone the Juggernaut. I am not ok with this, but Grace has done it all. And an eventual call-up to NXT seems to be in her future.

3: JDC or Dirty Dango

Trying to join the system and having Moose not trust him is gold. I don’t trust him either. Some of his best work in a while.

2: I don’t want to say his name, but I believe...

I believe this feud with Kaz is going to be one for the history books. Up there with TNA classics such as Samoa Joe vs Angle, and the Styles, Daniels, and Joe feud. It’s the typical I want to kill TNA vs the most over man in wrestling today! I believe!

1: Josh Alexander

His match with Eric Young was an instant classic as both men work well together. Both men going into the match are believable to beat Moose at Slammiversary. Both of these men have feuded, teamed up, and are now main event players in TNA. The Walking Weapon earns the first spot at Slammiversary against Moose and becomes the number one wrestler this week in the DNA of TNA!


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