Should Celebrities Have to Pay Their Dues in Wrestling?

Should Celebrities Have to Pay Their Dues in Wrestling? The Importance of the Independent Scene in Shaping Wrestling Careers

Professional wrestling is a unique blend of athleticism, storytelling, and showmanship. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of celebrities making transitions into the wrestling world. As this phenomenon gains popularity, the question arises: do celebrities have to pay their dues in wrestling, such as going through the independent scene, before joining established promotions like WWE or AEW? While some argue that celebrities bring mainstream attention and star power to the industry, this essay will explore the importance of the independent wrestling scene in shaping wrestlers’ careers and the value it holds for both the industry and the fans.

1. The Significance of the Independent Scene

The independent wrestling scene serves as a proving ground for aspiring wrestlers, where they can hone their craft and showcase their skills. Wrestlers who start in the independent scene often learn to navigate the industry’s dynamics, develop their in-ring abilities, and establish connections within the wrestling community. These experiences allow them to gain invaluable knowledge and credibility, ensuring they have paid their dues before moving on to larger promotions.

2. Respect for the Craft

The independent wrestling scene teaches wrestlers the value of hard work, dedication, and respect for the wrestling tradition. Aspiring wrestlers must learn the fundamentals, embrace the art of storytelling, and immerse themselves in the physical demands of the sport before advancing to higher levels. By working their way up through the independent circuit, wrestlers demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the craft. This helps to maintain the integrity of professional wrestling and reinforces its culture and traditions.

3. Building a Fan Connection

The independent wrestling scene provides a platform to connect directly with fans on an intimate level. Wrestlers gain experience performing in front of live audiences, developing a rapport, and establishing a loyal following. Such interactions create a deep bond between wrestlers and fans, thereby cultivating a sustainable fan base that supports wrestlers throughout their careers. This connection is crucial when transitioning to larger promotions where wrestlers must maintain a dedicated fan base to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

4. Skill Development and Versatility

The independent wrestling scene allows wrestlers to experiment with their characters and diverse wrestling styles. Wrestlers often face different opponents from various backgrounds and train under different coaches, resulting in a well-rounded skill set. By honing their craft and adapting to different situations, independent wrestlers demonstrate their versatility and ability to evolve, traits that are highly valued when transitioning to major promotions like WWE or AEW.

5. Promoting Industry Growth

The success of celebrities in wrestling can bring significant attention and mainstream exposure to the industry. However, it is crucial to ensure that this interest translates into sustainable growth and a strong wrestling landscape. By requiring celebrities to first establish themselves in the independent scene, promotions send a message that the industry values hard work, talent, and dedication. This approach helps maintain an ecosystem where aspiring wrestlers have equal opportunities to pursue their dreams, resulting in a thriving industry with longevity.


While the inclusion of celebrities in wrestling can bring excitement and exposure, it is essential to consider the value of paying one’s dues in the independent scene. The independent wrestling circuit plays a vital role in shaping a wrestler’s career, allowing them to acquire essential skills, build a fan base, and develop respect for the wrestling tradition. By requiring wrestlers, including celebrities, to go through the independent scene, promotions maintain the integrity and growth of the industry, ensuring that success is earned through hard work and dedication. Ultimately, this approach serves not only the wrestlers but also the fans, who deserve talented and dedicated performers in the squared circle.


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