Fantasy Warfare – Chyna vs Beth Phoenix

What is a dream match? A dream match is a bout between two superstars that are larger than life. It’s a match that never happened and it’s a match that can only happen now in a video game. In this series, I will take a look at some of the best matchups of all time that never happened In today’s edition of Fantasy Warfare we’re going to look at The Ninth Wonder of the World Chyna and The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Chyna vs Beth Phoenix

Somewhere in an alternate reality, we’d see this match and it would be a classic as these are the two most dominant forces the women’s division has ever seen.

Beth Phoenix enjoyed her own reign of terror in the Raw women’s division in the late/mid-2000s, she beat everyone the company had to offer. I know I know the talent back then isn’t what it is today but still, she beat all of them and it took Mickie James catching her on a bad night to finally upset her. But that doesn’t take away from how impressive her reign was.

Chyna (RIP) is an Icon in her own sense and she deserves the Hall of Fame (not the petty inclusion with DX induction she received). Chyna is the only woman in history to hold the IC Championship and the only woman in history to ever be discussed to win the WWE Championship. Chyna was the women’s revolution before that ever became a thing.

Tale of the Tape

ChynaBeth Phoenix
Height 5’105’7
Weight 180 lbs150 lbs
Titles2X IC Champ4X Women’s Champ
1X Women’s Champ
FinisherPowerbomb Glam Slam

A clash between these two would be worth the price of admission.

So who wins?

While Beth Phoenix was undoubtedly great, the answer here has to be Chyna. She’s too big and too strong for the Glamazon.

Winner: Chyna

Who do you all think would win this encounter??

Be sure to check back later for another edition of Fantasy Warfare!


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