Top 20 NFL QBs of All-Time

We’re back with another list. The draft crew got together and drafted the top 750 players of all time over the big 4 sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL). I then broke down that draft into positions and that’s how we got our lists. Check out our top 20 NFL QBs of all time below.

Top 20 NFL QBs of All-Time

1Tom Brady
2Peyton Manning
3Joe Montana
4Dan Marino
5Patrick Mahomes
6Drew Brees
7Brett Favre
8John Elway
9Aaron Rodgers
10Steve Young
11Kurt Warner
12Fran Tarkenton
13Johnny Unitas
14Ben Roethlisberger
15Roger Staubach
16Troy Aikman
17Matt Ryan
18Warren Moon
19Phillip Rivers
20Sid Luckman

What do you think of the list? Did we get it right? Did we leave anyone off that belongs? Leave your comments below!


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