Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time

Hey everybody, thanks for checking out our top 10 quarterbacks of all-time list. We got our final list by polling 4 of our sports correspondents and then adding up the lists. The lower the total points the better. Of the 4 voters, 3 had Tom Brady come in at first place while 1 had Peyton Manning. But, at the end of the day, it was the GOAT, Tom Brady taking his rightful spot atop the list. Sidenote – we all voted for the same 10 QBs. Kind of wild. I can almost assure you that won’t happen on any other list.


#PlayerTKDaveBlakeTimboTotal Pts
1Tom Brady11316
2Peyton Manning22138
3Joe Montana332311
4Dan Marino465419
5Aaron Rodgers584522
6Brett Favre656623
7Drew Brees949729
8Steve Young778931
9John Elway897832
10Johnny Unitas1010101040

Top 10

Honorable Mentions: Roger Staubach and Otto Graham

10.) Johnny Unitas – 40,239 Yds, 290 Tds, 253 Ints

  • HOF, SB Champ, 3x NFL Champ, 3x MVP, 5x AP, 10x PB

9.) John Elway – 51,475 Yds, 300 Tds, 226 Ints

  • HOF, 2x SB Champ, SB MVP, MVP, 9x PB

8.) Steve Young – 33,124 Yds, 232 Tds, 107 Ints

  • HOF, SB MVP, 2x MVP, 3x AP, 7x PB

7.) Drew Brees – 80,358 Yds, 571 Tds, 243 Ints

  • SB Champ, SB MVP, 1x AP, 13x PB

6.) Brett Favre – 71,838 Yds, 508 Tds, 336 Ints

  • HOF, SB Champ, 3x MVP, 3x AP, 11x PB

5.) Aaron Rodgers – 55,555 Yds, 449 Tds, 94 Ints

  • SB Champ, SB MVP, 4x MVP, 4x AP, 10x PB

4.) Dan Marino – 61,361 Yds, 420 Tds, 252 Ints

  • HOF, MVP, 3x AP, 9x PB

3.) Joe Montana – 40,551 Yds, 273 Tds, 139 Ints

  • HOF, 4x SB Champ, 3x SB MVP, 2x MVP, 3x AP, 8x PB

2.) Peyton Manning – 71,940 Yds, 539 Tds, 251 Ints

  • HOF, 2x SB Champ, SB MVP, 5x MVP, 7x AP, 14x PB

1.) Tom Brady – 84,732 Yds, 625 Tds, 204 Ints

  • 7x SB Champ, 5x SB MVP, 3x MVP, 3x AP, 15x PB


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