Control Your Story

The biggest thing in the world today is reality. There is pain, heartbreak and so many things that are beyond our control. Times like this all you can do is grab the reigns and hang on tight. Everyone will witness the loss of a friend and loved one multiple times in their lives. This is where it can become hard to control your story.

What can we do not to feel empty? Everyone controls the pain and heartbreak differently than others. The way I handle it is to hide behind music and writing. There may be a lot of tears involved but this is where you have to be strong. Hang onto the good memories and remember them. 

You can’t always let the pain control you. Find the inner peace and shed a lot of tears I mean a lot. Believe in yourself, and remind yourself that others have it much worse than you. Look at your inspirations and role models in life. What are they doing? Where did they start to get where they are now? 

I know exactly where mine is: Natalya, Finn Balor, Karrion Kross, Scarlett Bordeaux, Kris Statlander, and Cody Rhodes. To this day they never give up to prove that the world won’t take them down. They fight for what they believe in and that’s where the inspiration comes. They believed in themselves. Now it’s your turn!

Don’t Give Up!

I know at times you feel hopeless and lost, and feel that ending it all would solve things. WRONG! Addictions to alcohol or drugs won’t help either. 

You must believe in yourself. If You Dream It, You Can Do It! 

Share your feelings with family and friends. I am sure they will listen. Don’t be somebody who hides behind something or someone forever. 

Like I said before, I hide behind music and writing! It’s because it’s what makes me happy! Find what makes you happy! We all are humans and have things that we can all call our happy place.  

You hold the pen to your life story, you control yourself and most of all you control your story


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