All-Time WWE Champion Rankings

Hey everyone thanks for checking out my All-Time WWE Champion Rankings. This list includes anyone to hold the WWE/F Championship, the Universal Championship, or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There have been over 60 men to hold the most prestigious title in the industry and we’ve seen some great Champions and we’ve seen some abysmal ones.

The point system was determined by the following.

  • Each Title win earned 30 points.
  • For every 100 days, the title was held earned 30 points
  • Wrestlemania Title win earned 30 points.

Sample: Bruno Sammartino: (2 * 30) = 60 for title wins, (4,040/100) = 4.040 * 30 = 1212.. 1212 + 60 = 1272.

The system isn’t flawless but I think it works. I was disappointed that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley were so low on the list. I thought about adding a value-added to the title category but left it off as that’s purely subjective. If I were making this list without a formula I would have Austin in the top 5 and Foley in the top 25 due to the significance of their title wins and what they meant to wrestling at the time.

Updated 2/22/22: Roman Reigns moved up from 13 to 10 with his Universal Title reign continuing, passing CM Punk, Stone Cold, and The Undertaker in the process. I have Roman’s days held for combined titles up until the day of Wrestlemania. If Roman defeats Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 38 he will pass The Rock and move into 9th place all time. Also, moving up on the list was Bobby Lashley with his title win at the Royal Rumble. Bobby moved up from 36 to 31.

Updated 4/21/22: Roman Reigns passes The Rock to move up from 10th to 9th of all time with his win over Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Reigns’ next step will be moving passed Edge and up to 8th.

Updated 07/30/22: Roman Reigns moves up from 9th to 8th place all-time with another 100 days as World Champion passing Edge. Roman will be getting 60 points for every 100 days as he holds two belts.

Updated 10/30/22: Roman Reigns adds another 60 points with another 100 days as Champion.

Updated 02/16/23: Roman Reigns adds another 60 points with another 100 days as Champion.

Updated 4/15/23: Roman Reigns adds another 60 points with his Wrestlemania 39 title defense over Cody Rhodes. With these 60 points Roman moves from 8th all-time to 6th all-time.

Updated 5/10/23: Roman Reigns total days held at 1,570+.

Updated 11/11/23: Roman Reigns total days held at 1750+. Seth Rollins is new World Champion for 180+ days.

All-Time WWE Title Rankings

RankWrestlerReignsDays HeldWM Title Match RecordPoints
1Bruno Sammartino24,0401272
2John Cena161,4086-21082.4
3Hulk Hogan62,1855-1985.5
5Roman Reigns61,750+4-2831.3
6Brock Lesnar101470+3-4831
7Bob Backlund32,132729.6
8Randy Orton148182-3725.4
10The Rock 104650-4439.5
11The Undertaker74453-0433.5
12Stone Cold Steve Austin65303-0429
13CM Punk76151-0424.5
14Seth Rollins56002-0390
15Bret Hart56541-2376.2
17Pedro Morales11,027338.1
18Kurt Angle63850-3295.5
19Shawn Michaels44241-4277.2
20Macho Man Randy Savage25202-1276
21Daniel Bryan53151-2274.5
22Chris Jericho62041-2271.2
24AJ Styles25111-0243.3
25Alberto Del Rio43071-1242.1
26Drew McIntyre23101-1183
29Big Show41500-2165
30Rey Mysterio31401-0162
31Bobby Lashley22171-0155.1
32Ultimate Warrior12931-0147.9
33Bray Wyatt31750-1142.5
36Billy Graham1296118.8
38Kofi Kingston11801-0114
39Jeff Hardy370111
41Chris Benoit11541-0106.2
42Braun Strowman11511-0105.3
43Mick Foley3470-1104.1
44Eddie Guerrero11331-099.9
45Ric Flair21180-195.4
47Kevin Owens118886.4
48Jinder Mahal117081
49Dolph Ziggler26980.7
51Booker T11260-167.8
52Big E111063
53Mark Henry19157.3
54Dean Ambrose18455.2
55Jack Swagger1820-154.6
56Sgt Slaughter1640-149.2
57The Great Khali16148.3
58Buddy Rogers13640.8
59Iron Sheik12838.4
60Rob Van Dam12236.6
61Ivan Koloff12136.3
62Stan Stasiak1932.7
63Vince McMahon1631.8
64Finn Balor1131.1
65Andre the Giant100-130

That’s it. That’s my list of All-Time WWE Champions. What do you think about the list? Sound off below!


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