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THANKSGIVING Massacre Coming Soon!

Get ready to dig into terror with the teaser trailer of Eli Roth’s new holiday slasher Thanksgiving.

The teaser trailer of Thanksgiving made its way online this morning and shows us a glimpse of a series of murders being committed by a pilgrim-type slasher during Thanksgiving.

The best thing about this is that it is a feature-length film based on a fake movie trailer that Eli Roth made years ago during a Grindhouse double feature. Everyone wished and prayed it would be a real film, but sadly never was. This past year we were all delighted when Roth announced he was prepared to turn Thanksgiving into a new slasher film.

Fans everywhere will be able to eat this one up when it hits movie theaters on November 17th!


The Clearing Season 1 Review

Sometimes Hulu has hidden gems and the new show The Clearing is definitely one of them. This series is based on a novel about an Australian new-age cult called The Family.

The Clearing offers an intriguing pilot episode that had me hooked from the very beginning. Actress Teresa Palmer is perfectly cast in this as the main protagonist who is forced to confront a terrifying secret of her past in order to stop a mysterious cult that is kidnapping and abusing children in order to fulfill a centuries-old prophecy.

The series also stars Miranda Otto and Guy Pearce, who both give a deep and disturbing performance. The fictionalized cult in the series is referred to as The Kindred, and this show breaks down their long and twisted journey spread out over 8 episodes.

One of the themes of the show primarily focuses on psychological manipulation and the effects it has on someone’s mind. Now, once the show starts to get going, they try to throw you off by presenting a multi-themed narrative that honestly plays into the cult’s backstory, including a few of the central characters. By the end, this mystery is nicely wrapped up for the viewer and offers a haunting yet satisfying conclusion.

The Clearing is currently streaming on Hulu.


Jigsaw Returns in Sax X and Kills the Box Office

Jigsaw returns with a strong and successful opening! Saw X opened in theaters everywhere on Friday and reportedly gained 18 million at the box office. Huge success for the franchise with this being the tenth installment and performed just as well as the original 3 Saw movies.

With the first 3 original films being the most loved by fans, it made sense that they took this one back to its original roots and had the events take place between the first two Saw movies. Hands down one of the best and strongest entries to this long-running franchise.

Jigsaw is back and features a refreshing storyline and some gnarly and visceral traps, this sequel was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Witness the return of Saw now currently in theaters everywhere!

Dracula Sunk His Teeth Into The Big Screen in The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Dracula sunk his fangs into the big screen this past Friday in Director André Øvredal’s The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

Fans of Dracula will be surprised in this one by how they keep Dracula more of a bloodthirsty monster rather than in human form.

This film is an adaptation of The Captain’s Log chapter from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

Being that the entire movie takes place on a ship, they really use the dark to their full advantage, creating an intense and dreaded atmosphere and some truly effective jump scares. The whole film had a visceral feel to it especially when it came to the vampire action and its gory kill scenes.

Overall, I definitely recommend seeing this in theaters! It was definitely quite a thrilling experience!

Freddy Vs Jason: 20 Years

Freddy Vs Jason: 20 Years Later! August 15th, 2003 fans everywhere witnessed the epic battle between two of the most popular horror icons. Freddy Vs Jason still remains one of the best horror mash-ups today.

Robert Englund is noted for this movie being the final time he would portray the iconic Freddy Krueger, who resurrects hockey masked killer Jason Voorhees in order to terrorize the remaining teenagers of Elm Street. What ensues is a bloody battle for survival as both horror fiends battle it out in order to prove who is the ultimate killing machine.

A few fun facts about this movie, there was a total of 24 kill scenes and this film was set to be made right after Freddy’s Dead and Jason Goes to Hell, but it spent many years in developmental hell that Jason X and Wes Cravens New Nightmare were both released beforehand. This would have made those two films the final movie in both franchises.

This guilty pleasure needs to be witnessed by horror fans everywhere!